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Peter Ablinger


berlin 2005

Peter Ablinger

Audiosophie / Composition, sound art

Mein Stück ist nur ein Hinweis. Der Hinweis auf eine Ortsveränderung. Und vielleicht sogar auf das was zwischen zwei Orten liegt. Aber natürlich kann das Stück auch als eine kleine intime Performance aufgefasst werden, die jede/r mit sich alleine zu bewältigen hat.

Peter Ablinger was born in Schwanenstadt, Austria in 1959. He first studied graphic arts and became enthused with free jazz. He continued to study composition with Gösta Neuwirth and Roman Haubenstock-Ramati in Graz and Vienna. Since 1982 he is living in Berlin, where he initiated and conducted a series of festivals and concerts. In 1988 he founded the Ensemble Zwischentöne. As a visiting professor he taught in 1993 at the University of Music, Graz. He has been a guest conductor of 'Klangforum Wien', 'United Berlin' and the 'Ensemble of the Insel Musik'. Since 1990 Peter Ablinger works as a freelance musician.

Peter Ablinger is among the few artists working with noise devoid of symbolism (i.e. as a signifier for chaos, energy, entropy, disorder, uproar, protest, destruction, for everything or for eternity; whatever). Instead, Ablinger inquires about the nature of sound, time and space, usually considered the main components of music. His findings reveal some dubious conventions imagined to be irrefutable for music, recasting repetition and monotony, reduction and redundancy, density and entropy, as fundamental to musical perception.

(Christian Scheib)

Peter Ablinger