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Robert Bucknell


berlin 2005
edinburgh 2006

Robert Bucknell
Installation and performance
Robert Bucknell
Robert BucknellRobert Bucknell
1995 - 96   Sorbonne, Paris, French Language and Civilization
1996 - 99   B.A. (Hons) Islamic History, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
2003   Andaman Sea Diving School, Thailand, PADI Open Water Diving Certificate
1998   British Institute for Persian Studies Fellowship
2003   Rosenquist Fellowship in Fine Arts, University of South Florida
Solo Exhibitions
May 2005 (forthcoming)   Structures of the Sublime; Towards a Greater Understanding of Chaos.
"it’s no fun being alone" Ingalls & Associates, Miami
May/June 2004   Why i think I’m so fucking special – it’s all about me, Objex, Miami
Oct 2001   Gently Perverted Goes to the Toilet, Catch 22, London
July 2001   Gently Perverted Goes to The Bookartbookshop, London
April 2001   Gently Perverted Goes to Wormworld, The Foundry, London
March 1998   Decaying Churches of Georgia and Eastern Turkey, S.O.A.S. Library
Group Shows
February 2005   Gently Perverted Goes to Berlin, transitstation, Gebauer Höfe, Berlin
May 2005   Artist Union, St.Petersberg, Russia
April 2004   It’s Been Ten Years, Collins Building, Miami
April 2004   Skulls, Hanna Fushihara Gallery, Tokyo
November 2003   Front and Center, Box, Miami
November 2003   transitstation, Stanley picker Gallery, University of Kingston
November 2003   Gala Corina, Tampa
February 2001   Eel, London
London 2001   Gently Perverted, Mysbine Publications
London 2003   Canned Lush, illustrated by Raisa Veikkola, Mysbine Publications
London 2004   Glimpses Inside the Mind of a Mildly Deranged Person, Mysbine Publications

Carlos Suarez de Jesus, "Just What Miami Needs – Another Huge Ego. Is it art or the monomaniacal meanderings of a total poseur?" Miami New Times, June 3rd 2004


Juan Carlos Rodrigues, "ID, Redefigned. An Artist Exploits the Self, Miami New Times, 13th May 2004.

Robert Bucknell