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edinburgh 2006

Dan Gorman - transitstation edinburgh 2006
transitstation edinburgh 2006
I have been working as a freelance experimental music composer for a number of years in various places and under various guises. I try and create hypnotic music through the sampling and distortion of sounds collected from everyday life.
Dan Gorman
February 2005
Post-Listening II: This was a development of the post-listening project described below. Once again recordings were made in the listening post in Berlin, Germany. However this time certain instruments were included to allow the musicians to realise different potentials of the space, followed by a live performance in Perfume Gallery, Berlin. The recordings are being released by Forest Records and will include a series of interpretations by various experimental composers. They have also been added to the Soundscape Website (, created as part of the Transmediale Festival 2005.
These recordings were funded by the Scottish Arts Council.
September 2004
Post-Listening: Experimental improvisational work composed with two other musicians in an abandoned listening post in Teufelsburg, Berlin, Germany. The concept here was to represent our surroundings through music utilising items found within the building. The music was played inside one of the listening domes, creating the multi-timbral delay heard on the recording. This is a project I would like to take further and develop into a full length recording. The other musicians involved were Duncan McGregor (based in Edinburgh) and Dirk Markham (previously based in Edinburgh but now resident in Berlin).
August 2004
ProTeRe: Project combining the theatrical works of Miroslav R. Mitrovic with music composed and performed by myself and Uncle Beesly (Fence Records). This was performed in The Forest during August 2004.
September 2003 - April 2004
Cheney, Markham and Gorman: Live analogue improvisational group featuring Matthew Cheney (Arctic Circle), Dirk Markham (D-Rock) and myself. We played non-sequenced music composed live on analogue keyboards. This project took place in various locations including The Forest in Edinburgh and Stereo in Glasgow. The end result was the CD release 'Don't Go Midi' published through Forest Arts in May 2004.
2001 - Present
Danseizure: I have produced two compact discs under this title. The first was called 'At Home With Danseizure'. This was initially self produced and later re-released through Forest Arts Publishing. It has now sold out. The second is a forthcoming album called 'Let's Not Go Out With Danseizure', to be released through Forest Arts. I am aiming for a larger distribution for this album, and will be in touch with a number of other labels, including Benbecula (based in Edinburgh) who showed interest in my earlier work. I have also had a number of tunes featured on compilations made by Forest Arts and Invisible Agent Recordings in Ireland
1997 - Present
Curios: I have been heavily involved with the running of this experimental club/theatrical event since its conception in 1997. I was one of the founding members and am a resident DJ/musician there. It is an irregular event, resident in The Bongo Club since 1999, combining an experimental music policy with detailed décor and theatrical events, with a heavy emphasis on blurring the boundaries between audience and performer. It has topped the List's 'HitList' a number of times and made the Scotsman's 'Best of Fest' in 2001.
Dan Gorman
Chris Palmer, Jason Pogo and Dan Gorman - transitstation edinburgh 2006
collaboration with Chris Palmer and Jason Pogo
transitstation edinburgh 2006
Scapegoat / Happy Shopper, live art performance with music and lights