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Chris Palmer


edinburgh 2006

Dan Gorman and Chris Palmer
"There is something out of reach for all of us, which we cannot understand or control. My work tries to get as close to that as possible, and to attempt to recreate it, where possible. When it is successful this work can be highly emotionally charged and specific, when unsuccessful it will be disastrous..."
Chris Palmer
Current Projects

Team Umbrellamouth – Dan Gorman, Jason Pogo, Chris Palmer.
Umbrellamouth is a fish that lives forty thousand feet under the surface of the sea: we try to view our subject matter from a great distance, allowing us to remove our own contextual feelings and preconceptions, hopefully gaining a more objective and 'truer' representation of the subject's reality. Our work to date has been represented through live performance using video and sound.

'The Exploading Car' – a long running graphic comic work, which continues to reflect the self obsessed nature of the artist, acting at times as an autobiographical, emotional outlet or perhaps a possibly nonsensical judge, jury and executioner. 'The Exploading Car' continues to be published monthly through Forest Arts in 'CIA nights', and is freely available on request.

Chris Palmer - The Exploading Car
2005   'CIA nights 2' – Totalkunst, Edinburgh
2003   'CIA nights 1' – Totalkunst, Edinburgh
2002   'Automated line drawing' – collaboration with David Connearn, commissioned by the CAC, Scottish touring exhibition
2002   David Connearn, collaboration – doggerfisher, Edinburgh
2002   'Developing Limbs' – Generator, Dundee
2001   'The new and the old' – Totalkunst, Edinburgh
Selected performances
2006   'shoppers world: shop and not shop' – transitstation, Edinburgh
2005   'green woods' – Radio Gallery, Berlin
2003   'Beyond emotion', arctic circle – Center for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
2002   VJ performance – 1st national VJ festival, AVIT, Leeds
2002   'Accidental', improvisation with Dan Gorman – Dialogues Digital Jamboree, Edinburgh
2001   'Bamboo arena', sculpture and performance collaboration with Kohoutek – Commongrounds festival, Brighton
Future work
book   'The exploading car, all the stories undestroyed by fire'
umbrellamouth   'Energy' (working title)
animation   'Octopus Diamond and the Catheads'
documentary   'Forest: This is what it has been... the third documentary'
Supporting organisation:
Forest – – Not for profit, art and performance space, run by volunteers.
Chris Palmer
The Forest / Totalkunst