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london 2003

Quisling Physical Theater - MacBeth Witches - transitstation london 2003
transitstation london 2003
Founded in 2000 by writer/director Jackie Smart and choreographer Lisa Cullen, Quisling Physical Theatre operates in the territory between dance and theatre, focusing on the relationship between body and text and on the links and contrasts between linear narrative structures and visual and spatial codes. Jackie is also a senior lecturer in the Drama Department at Kingston University and is currently rehearsing a production of Macbeth with undergraduate Drama students.
Macbeth Matt Wilson
Lady Macbeth Alice Buchanan
Banquo Amanda Bass
Lennox/gentlewoman Sarah Wilkinson
Ross Ciaran Bird
Macduff/Seyward Mathew Dye
Lady MacDuff/Captain Helen Shield
Malcolm Anna Jennings
Witch Lisa Connell
Witch Deborah Cukierman
Witch Rachel Labovitch
Director Jackie Smart
Assistant Director Kaijah McMahon
Drama Education / Jackie Smart