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Bernhard Winkler


copenhagen 2010


Bernhard Winkler - transitstation copenhagen 2010

transitstation copenhagen 2010


Photography is not objective and can not depict the reality, it always remains on the surface, always subjective and interpretive. It creates an illusion of reality. I want to move away from this illusion to a photograph of subjectivity, of emotion. How do I experience my environment? Isn't my vision more dynamic than the static photo? I associatively connect everything together! My eye moves continuously in the space surrounding me, I experience things connected in time and space. How can I show this? I expose long time to make more visible. In this exposure time something is changing , something with the naked eye can not discern, but will be felt. There are things behind the visible things, the space around things will be visible and so I can find a link to my own reality, my imagination.