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Gina Landor


london 2003
berlin 2005
copenhagen 2010

Gina Landor
Men Do Not Go to War Over Women
The British Museum Nereid Room, November 2004
Gina Landor - transitstation berlin 2005
transitstation berlin 2005

The scaffolding structure of transitstation seems to me to be a very natural performance space and the concept naturally embraces performance. Theatre is my bag. Theatre is live performance and by nature transitory; sets are constructed and pulled down, artists get together for a limited amount of time, create together, disperse. I have been performing Andrew Rissik's text for well over three years now; it lends itself not only to presentation as a one woman show in a theatre but also to many different spaces and contexts . . . This is testimony to the richness of the language of the text, to its universality and accessibility, to its substance.

I love art and I have always wanted to perform with sculpture. My interest is in taking pieces which stand on their own, ie good poetry or prose text, adding colour and texture to this already substantial material by placing it in different contexts which give another dimension of meaning, and therefore, pleasure. I am not keen on the intentionally obscure, for me communication through art is important. It is important that there is a shared experience, whether it be on a visceral or intellectual level. I also believe that form should serve content. Experimenting with form is important, but not to the detriment of content. Often in the process of making art, in the process of experimenting, form will be the focus; but for me, if it is not ultimately married with purpose, substance, content, the art is empty.

Gina Landor - transit station london 2003
transit station london 2003