transitstation London 2003

Kingston University London, November 2003

roomplan - transitstation London 2003

The first transitstation Exhibition as Event took place at Kingston University's Stanley Picker Gallery. transitstation was Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith's valedictory show as a Stanley Picker Research Fellow in Fine Art. Along with Picker Fellow of Printmaking Guy Allott and the Gallery's staff, Glausnitzer-Smith created a three day event featuring on each of three successive days continuous performance art, theatre, and music.

transitstation London set standards for curating and producing mixed-disciplinary performance, encouraging young and established artists and students to explore their creative potential within a supportive and challenging collaborative framework. The transitstation scaffolding system provided that framework replete with all of its practical and philosophical connotations.

transitstation scaffolding

transitstation is now on tour through Europe; metaphorically, as a tour de force which invites the involvement of regional and local artists amongst varying cultural and social backgrounds, and literally, as it transports artists and their work from previous transitstation events to different countries.


Experience is change, creativity is change, perception is change.

transitstation scaffolding drawing